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Karê, also known as Kardere, (Turkish: Sülüntaş) is a village of Mazgirt a small city and its surrounding district in Dersim (Tunceli), Turkey.

38°56'24.49"N 39°49'23.31"E no Armenians in 1914 no church

Only the 1894 Mamuretul Aziz yearbook stated there were Armenians living in Kardere. The population was given as 32 Armenians (17 males and 15 females) and 285 Kurdish people (161 males and 124 females) living in 76 total households.

Kare (disambiguation)

Kare is a village in the municipality of Žitorađa, Serbia.

Kare may also refer to:

  • Kare (surname), a surname
  • Kare Kauks (born 1961), Estonian singer
Kare (surname)

Kare is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Jordin Kare (born 1956), American aerospace engineer
  • Morley Kare (1922-1990), Canadian scientist
  • Susan Kare (born 1954), American graphic designer

Usage examples of "kare".

Jordin and Mary Kay Kare, who between them write really good parody songs, bellowed in protest and tried to bulldog the cluricaune together.

Kare had entertained at least a faint hope that the shock of the news might weaken High Ridge's grip on power, and he supposed it could still have a cumulative effect in that direction.

Kare wa gaikoku ni itte i masu, Sato's mother had said when he brought her the news.

Kare drew a deep breath, but before he could deliver yet another homily on the desirability of something resembling a normal sleep schedule, the younger scientist hurried on.