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Karana may refer to:

  • Karana dance, poses in classical Indian dance
  • Karana, the main character in Scott O'Dell's novel Island of the Blue Dolphins, who is based on the historical Juana Maria
  • Karrana, a village in Bahrain
  • Karanam is a caste in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh in India
  • Karana (pancanga), one among the five co-ordinate members ( pancanga) in the Indian system of astronomical calculations
  • Karana the Rainkeeper, the god of rain and storms in the EverQuest MMORPG
  • Karana (moth), a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family
  • Kāraṇa, cause and effect in Advaita Vedanta
  • Karana, colloquial term for Indians in Madagascar
Karana (dance)

Karanas are the 108 key transitions in the classical Indian dance described in Natya Shastra. Karana is a Sanskrit verbal noun, meaning "doing".

Karana (moth)

Karana is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Usage examples of "karana".

For their crimes, Reya and Tenia, daughters of Karana, leader of the Reeka race, die.

Shari is out to destroy them, especially the daughters of Karana, who was once the leader.

Tears filled the depths but Karana summoned enough energy to cry out one last command.

It is said that he does not believe in Karana or Molop Az or the teachings of Pu and that he used to say that no Noada would ever come to Lolo-lolo because there was no such thing as a Noada.

I should make them and give them as an offering to the Noada, who would forgive my sins and see that I got into Karana when I died.

If Naya had only looked more like the handsome but forbidding shaman Karana, her dead father, Grek might have raised her differently.

The threesome travel into a realm of mystery and danger, where they come upon the boy Karana, abandoned by his father, the headman Supnah, to die.

When Karana had returned to his people, Navahk, for reasons the boy still could not fully understand, had sought him out and smiled maliciously as he had burned him with that unwelcome truth.

Her reasons for distrusting the magic man had died with her, and Karana was certain that if he were to tell Supnah the truth about his parentage, the headman would never believe him.

So it was that now Karana stared at Supnah, then at Navahk, incredulous.

Navahk plots against Torka and Karana and pursues Lonit, who has matured into a beauty.

Reeka Warrior Woman leader, Karana and her husband Vulya, rising up from the flowered depths.

Should someone here be clever enough or powerful enough to slay the Karana, he would be the Karana the next day, and be hailed by those he ruled, for he had proven to be a stronger ruler, and therefore might protect his clients and vassals better.

She was lying awake, Dagmar sleeping by her side, when a vision of Karana, Holy Mother of Kerum the Message Bringer, appeared at her bedside.

Later two of the Mirayan captains claimed they owed their escape to Mother Karana, who had appeared in a vision and warned them of an impending attack.