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Karabulak may refer to:

  • Karabulak, Azerbaijan, alternative name of several localities in Azerbaijan
  • Karabulak, Kazakhstan, an urban-type settlement in Kazakhstan
  • Karabulak (South Kazakhstan), a village in Kazakhstan
  • Karabulak, Kyrgyzstan, a village in Kyrgyzstan
  • Karabulak Urban Okrug, a municipal formation which the town of republic significance of Karabulak in the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia is incorporated as
  • Karabulak, Russia, several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Karabulak, Russian name for a historical Nakh people, the Arshtins
Karabulak (South Kazakhstan)

The village of Karabulak (; ) — is one of the largest villages of Sayram District, South Kazakhstan Region. The population is nearly 45 thousand (as of 2012). The area is 11,134 hectares. It is located 45 km from Chimkent, the regional center, and 18 km from Aksukent village, the district center. There are 11 schools, 1 college and 3 marketplaces in the village. Also there are 19 mosques, 2 hospitals, 2 policlinics, a kindergarten, Alisher Navoiy cultural center and the largest mosque in Sayram for 10 thousand. Most of the population of the village are ethnic Uzbeks who constitute up to 99% of the villagers.