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Kapp or KAPP may refer to:

  • Kapp, Norway, village in Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway
  • Kapp Records, a record label
  • KAPP, channel 35, ABC affiliate for Yakima, Washington
  • Kenya African People's Party, a defunct political party in Kenya

Kapp is a surname of German origin. It may refer to:

  • Alex Kapp Horner (born 1969), American actress
  • Alexander Kapp (German educator and editor) (1799–1869), German editor and educator
  • Alexander Kapp (dermatologist and allergist) (born 1955) German dermatologist and allergist
  • Andy Kapp (born 1967), German curler
  • Ardeth G. Kapp (born 1931), Canadian religious leader
  • Artur Kapp (1878–1952), Estonian composer
  • Colin Kapp (1928–2007), British author
  • Dietloff Kapp (born 1925), German modern pentathlete
  • Erhardt Kapp (born 1959), Romanian-American soccer player and coach
  • Ernst Kapp (1808–1896), German-American philosopher and geographer
  • Eugen Kapp (1908–1996), Estonian composer
  • Friedrich Kapp (1824–1884), German-American attorney, author and politician
  • Gisbert Kapp (1852–1922), Austrian-English electrotechnican
  • Helmut Kapp (died 1943), Nazi German war criminal
  • Jack Kapp (1901–1949), American music entrepreneur
  • Janice Kapp Perry (born 1938), American missionary and religious songwriter
  • Joe Kapp (born 1938), American and Canadian football player
  • Karl William Kapp (1910–1976), German-American economist
  • Marizanne Kapp (born 1990), South African criceteer
  • Richard Kapp (1936–2006), American conductor
  • Uli Kapp (born 1971), German curler
  • Wolfgang Kapp (1858–1922), German political activist and journalist, leader of the Kapp Putsch

Usage examples of "kapp".

Eddie Kapp for a brother or Robert Campbell for a husband opened the door, smiling at us, saying we must be Kelly.

When I asked him why, he said maybe the name Eddie Kapp would tell me.

The Post had an article about Eddie Kapp getting out of prison tomorrow.

They were unhappy about it, and wanted to know if Eddie Kapp had really paid his debt to society.

It purred down the block moving at the same rate as Kapp, keeping behind him.

The Mercury pulled up beside me, and Kapp came struggling back through the hedge.

Bill was struggling to his feet, and Kapp backed away to the wall, talking fast, mad and scared both.

Bill went upstairs, walking away with his shoulders hunched, and Kapp and I went across the lobby and into the bar.

Old Eddie Kapp, washed-up, retired to Florida for the sun and the cheap funeral.

He cut the hand, for drainage, and bandaged it up, and said it would be a couple weeks before Kapp could really use it.

Monday we walked into the local Cadillac-Oldsmobile-Buick agency, and Kapp bought the showroom Cadillac for cash.

We drove straight south to Lake George, and Kapp rented a place around on the eastern side of the lake.

The other two grinned and nodded at Kapp, and he grinned and nodded back.

I knew that Kapp was right, that I should wait before going after Ganolese.

One of these writers is Friedrich Kapp, now a member of the Reichstag, and formerly an exile in America.