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Kapi (car)

The Kapi was a Spanish automobile manufactured by Automóviles y Autoscooter Kapi in Barcelona from 1950 until 1955. Designed by Captain Federico Saldaña, the first car was a light three-wheeled two door runabout powered by a 125 cc 2 cv single-cylinder two-stroke engine made by Montessa. The single wheel was at the front.

Other models followed including:

  • the Kapiscooter with Hispano-Villiers engine
  • the Jip, a miniature Jeep with 197 cc engine
  • the Chiqui, a three-wheeler with single wheel at the rear
  • the Platillo Volante (flying saucer), a four-wheel coupé
  • the M190 with miniature Mercedes 190 body

Kapi may refer to:

  • Kapi (car), a threewheeled car manufactured in Spain in the fifties
  • Kapi (raga), popular rāgam in Carnatic music, the classical music of South India
  • Kapi (Egyptian God), an early form of Set, as ape God
  • Kapi, Estonia, village in Muhu Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Shrimp paste, known as kapi in Laotian, Khmer, and Thai
  • Kapi Kullari, a militaristic slave institution that served the Ottoman Sultan
  • Kapi , a Sanskrit term for Monkey
Kapi (raga)

Kāpi is a popular rāga in Carnatic music, the classical music of South India. Kāpi is a janya rāgam with a meandering vakra scale. It is considered to be derived from the Kharaharapriya rāgam. Typically performed at slow and medium speeds, it is capable of inducing moods of devotion, pathos and sadness in the listeners. Kāpi is different from the Hindustani raag and thaat Kafi. The equivalent raag in Hindustani is Pilu