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Käo may refer to several places in Estonia:

  • Käo, Saare County, village in Laimjala Parish, Saare County
  • Käo, Tartu County, village in Rõngu Parish, Tartu County
Kao (crater)

Kao is a small lunar crater that is located near the eastern limb of the Moon. It lies near the southern edge of the Mare Smythii, a lunar mare that continues onto the far side of the surface. This crater lies to the east-southeast of the crater Widmannstätten. Less than a crater diameter to the north-northeast is the small crater Tucker.

This crater forms part of a merged pair with Helmert to the south. There is a gap in the sides of the crater where they are joined together, and they share a common floor that has been resurfaced by lava. The outer rim of this crater now forms little more than a shallow ring in the surface, with the rim lowest along the northern side. It is unmarked by impacts of significance. However, there is a small crater along the southeastern edge where the rim joins that of Helmert.


A kaō or huāyā is a stylized signature or a mark used in east Asia in place of a true signature.

Kao (painter)

Kao (active early 15th century) was a Japanese priest-painter whose work is considered typical of early Muromachi painting.

He is especially known for his depiction of the legendary monk Kensu ( Hsien-tzu in Chinese) at the moment he achieved enlightenment.

This type of painting was executed with quick brush strokes and a minimum of detail.

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Kao (island)

Kao is an island and stratovolcano in Tonga. It reaches above sea level, the highest point in Tonga. The date of its last eruption is unknown, and fresh lava flows are not seen, but the absence of deep erosional gullies or high sea cliffs suggests a very recent origin. It lies about north of Tofua island. The slopes of the island rise at angles exceeding 35 degrees to the summit, which has a series of small volcanic craters. The best access to Kao is by small boat on the South Coast of the island, although heavy swell can make this treacherous and a skilled boat coxswain is required. There are no permanent paths up to Kao's summit. Small areas on the lower slopes are cultivated by kava growers. The island is densely jungled on its lower flanks, interspersed with thick chest height ferns that are virtually impassable to all but the most determined trekkers armed with machetes and a good deal of stamina. Although just passable, the jungle area itself ends with a tree line at approximately 400m up the mountain, a brief belt of more thick fern gives way to shorter fern growth. However, 75m from the summit the thick fern returns. Kao is an exceptionally difficult hike and climb. There are many gullies and ravines, some covered in plant growth, difficult to see and treacherous.

Kaō (era)

was a after Nin'an and before Jōan. This period spanned the years from April 1169 through April 1171. The reigning emperor was .

Kaō (era)

was a after Nin'an and before Jōan. This period spanned the years from April 1169 through April 1171. The reigning emperor was .