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Kanthavara ( Kannada/ Tulu/ Konkani: Kanthavara) is a village in Karkala taluk of the Udupi district in Karnataka state, India. Kanthavara is located from its Taluk Main Town Karkal. Kanthavara is from its District Main City Udupi. It is from its State Main City Bangalore. A road from Manjarapalke goes to interior places of Bola, Beladi and Kanthavara as well. The well known temple of Lord Shiva is located in Kanthavara.

It is mostly a forest area with agriculture being the most important economic activity. Poultry, dairy, horticulture being secondary businesses. There is also the 'toddy' (known as kali in the native language Tulu) business wherein toddy is tapped from the trees and sold in households or at the toddy shops. Beedi (a kind of small cigarette) packaging is also a small-time business. Fruits like pineapple, cashew-nuts, mango, coconut and others are grown there in their natural habitat. Wild boar hunting is a sport cum business where the meat is sold at a good premium. One of the reasons for wild boar hunting is to prevent paddy and other crops from being ruined by these animals.

Villages near Kanthavara are Sanoor , Bola , Nitte , Karkal , Renjala . The nearest towns are Karkal , Udupi , and Kundapura .