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Kånna is a locality situated in Ljungby Municipality, Kronoberg County, Sweden with 352 inhabitants in 2010.

The name Kånna is guessed to mean "swamp". In this area during the Iron age people used to settle on higher grounds where it was drier. There have been found Viking burial places and settlements by archaeologists which all are located on higher grounds. During the 18th century there was a church together with a village in Kånna. In 1890 there was a railroad made through the area which was part of "Skåne-Smålands Järnväg".

Politicians in Ljungby decided to make accommodation for refugees in the old school building in Kånna. Shortly after, the old school building was at fire. The fire began at ~1:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 17, 2015.


Kanna may refer to:

  • Sceletium tortuosum, a Southern African succulent with psychoactive properties
  • In the Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil languages: "kid", also sometimes used devotionally as a name for Lord Krishna
  • Greek for the word reed. It is arguably the derivation for the musical term Canon.
  • Large metal jug used in Romani music. It is normally used for shipping milk.
Kanna (era)

was a after Eikan and before Eien. This period spanned the years from April 985 through April 987. The reigning emperors were and .

Kanna (film)

Kanna is a 2007 Tamil film starring Raja and Sheela directed by Anand.

Kanna (given name)

Kanna is a feminine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kanna, guitarist and vocalist from the rock band Bleach03
  • Kanna Arihara (born 1993), Japanese pop singer and former member of Cute
  • Kanna Hashimoto (born 1999), Japanese idol singer
  • Kanna Mori (born 1988), Japanese fashion model and actress
  • Kanna Lakshminarayana (born 1955), Indian Politician
  • Kanna Masuda (born 1989), Japanese team handball player
  • Kanna Laxminarayana, an Indian politician and Minister for Agriculture and Agriculture Technology Mission in Andhra Pradesh Government