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Kanin (mountain)

thumb|right|280px|Big Mount Kanin Mount Kanin or Canin ( Resian: Ćanen, ) is a mountain in the Julian Alps on the border of Slovenia and Italy. Its highest summit, Big Mount Kanin is 2,587 m above sea level. It separates the upper Soča Valley in Slovenia from the Resia Valley in Italy.

On the Slovenian part of the mountain, which is part of the Municipality of Bovec, lies an important ski resort, which is the highest in the country. There is also a cave on the mountain, Vrtoglavica Cave, which holds the record for having the deepest single vertical drop ( pitch) of any cave on earth, at a depth of .

Mount Kanin is an important identity symbol of the people of the Resia Valley, and several popular songs in the Resian dialect are dedicated to the mountain, which the locals call Höra ta Ćanïnawa, or simply Ćanen.

Usage examples of "kanin".

Then he'd strike out across the Barents Sea toward the Kanin Peninsula.

After that I’ll be interested in Kolguev Island and the Kanin Peninsula.