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The Collaborative International Dictionary

kand \kand\, n. (Mining) Fluor spar; -- so called by Cornish miners.


alt. (context mining UK dialect Cornwall English) fluorspar n. (context mining UK dialect Cornwall English) fluorspar


Kand may refer to:

  • Kand-e Bala
  • Kand-e Pain

Usage examples of "kand".

The Midanna use naught save gandod to carry them into battle, for the gando is superior to the soft kand of the city people.

If we wanted to ride between the gates of Bellinard, it would best be done upon the backs of kand, and kand might be had in Islat.

I shall personally see to the selection of the kand, and offer the comfort of my dwelling for your use.

Maranu and two other males had chosen the hand of required kand, and had made a string of them with a long length of leather.

The kand were frightened when one of my warriors rode close upon her gando to take the end of the leather, yet were easy to manage.

Even should the kand not be returned in trade, Jalav, I shall consider the matter equitably seen to.

The kand, in the care of two warriors rather than one, crossed in the third set, and soon stood shivering in our midst.

The kand ate only the grass beneath their feet, and that nervously and with poor appetite.

The kills of the fey were being divided when the abrupt return of the hand of relieving warriors for the kand surprised me.

I gave orders that all kand, ours and those of the prisoners, were also to be brought to the camp where the males were, then cut for myself a good slice of nilno.

Belly down were the male captives tied across their kand, and little sound came from them.

They snarled when prodded toward their kand, yet the feel of leather striking their backs silenced their snarls.

There, at the edge of the woods we halted to take our meal, the males being removed from their kand so that they, too, might be fed.

The string of kand were kept well away from our gandod, and seemed a shade less nervous than before.

Truthfully, should one discount the needs of battle, kand have greater attraction than gandod.