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KAMP Student Radio (1570 AM) is an unlicensed College radio station operated by students of The University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. It broadcasts at 1570 kHz on the AM band, and the closed-circuit Cable television Channel 20 in the dormitories on the UA campus and on the Internet at


KAMP may refer to:

  • KAMP-FM, a radio station (97.1 FM) licensed to Los Angeles, California, United States
  • KAMP-LP, a low-power radio station (92.9 FM) licensed to St. Michael, Alaska, United States
  • KAMP (AM), an unlicensed radio station (1570 AM) located in Tucson, Arizona, United States
Kamp (Bad Doberan)

The Kamp is a triangular, lime-fringed park, about two hectares in area, which was laid out in 1800 in the centre of the small German town of Bad Doberan. In the 19th century, the Kamp was the social hub of the Doberan, because it was surrounded by the most prestigious buildings in the town.

Usage examples of "kamp".

Steve, with his black stick beside him, played stud poker with Roy Kamp and four factory workers.

Steve and Kamp left together, going out into the dark and night-cool street, where the air was sweet after the smoke and alcohol of the poolroom.

A man named Kamp and I were walking toward the hotel tonight and were jumped.

One-day-at-a-time ended as soon as they got back to Twilight and the new owner of Kamp Kodiak called needing Ty to hold his hand.

The new owner of Kamp Kodiak wanted him to sign another, more lucrative contract and hold his hand long-distance.

Van der Kamp offered no menu and no food, but if a passing traveler brought enough for everyone, he had no objection to cooking it up.

It was odd, reflected Van der Kamp, but instead of getting darker, the English seemed to lose such color as they had acquired after a few years and wind up paler than when they had come out.

Sitting quietly at the lone table at the back of the room was Sloane, the first American Van der Kamp had ever seen.

Van der Kamp saw to it that they got all the beer they wanted, a foul-smelling Kisi brew that packed quite a punch and for which he charged their employers what he thought was a nominal fee.

If he does, you can pick up your winnings from Van der Kamp next time you come through.

Die avond, tussen de tweede en derde zonsondergang, vond George een geschikte plek om de Ultra-Light te verbergen terwijl de anderen het nieuwe kamp inrichtten.

Toen liep hij naar een scherm en riep een kaart van de regio tussen het kamp in het bos en het dorp Kashan op.

Zoals een mens zou kunnen reageren op het plotseling verschijnen van een schorpioen of een ratelslang op de plaats waar hij zijn kamp heeft opgeslagen, wilde hij de dreiging niet alleen doden maar ook vernietigen, tot moleculen reduceren.

As we got to Kamp Hotel on the Esplanade Harvey stopped the car and got out.

En toch, dapper trots haar zwakte, hield zij den kamp met de duizende kleine beslommeringen van het dagelijksche leven vol.