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Kamis S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of spices, mustard, ketchup, breading, marinades, vinegar, salt, tea. Most of the products are sold under the brand names Kamis or Galeo, Tea - under the brand name Irving Tea.

The company was founded in 1991. Apart from Poland it is active in other markets in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, as well as in Germany and the USA. Kamis is employer for 1300 workers. Kamis is Polish market leader in the production of spices.

Usage examples of "kamis".

He wore the kamis, a white cotton shirt tight-sleeved, open in front, extending to the ankles and embroidered down the collar and breast, over which was thrown a brown woollen cloak, now, as in all probability it was then, called the aba, an outer garment with long skirt and short sleeves, lined inside with stuff of mixed cotton and silk, edged all round with a margin of clouded yellow.