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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kamtschadales \Kam"tscha*dales\, n. pl. [from the older spelling Kamtschatka for Kamchatka.] (Ethnol.) An aboriginal tribe inhabiting the southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula; called also Kamchadals and Itelmen.


The Kamchadals are native people of Kamchatka, Russia. The name Kamchadal was applied to the descendants of the local Russians and aboriginal peoples (the Itelmens, Ainu, Koryaks and Chuvans), who assimilated with the Russians. These descendants of the Russian settlers in 18th-19th century are called Kamchadals these days. The Kamchadals speak Russian with a touch of local dialects. The Kamchadals are engaged in fur trading, fishing, market gardening and dairy farming, and are of the Russian Orthodox faith.