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n. A navigation device, known to the Arabs and Chinese of the ancient world, consisting of a wooden card and knotted string.

Kamal (navigation)

Kamal is a male given name which has multiple origins:

  • Kamal or Turkish Kemal. The word Kamal is originally Arabic and it means perfection; also may be used as an abbreviation of Kamal ad-Din
  • In Persian it means "beauty, perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level".
  • a Hindi version of the Hindu name of Sanskrit origin usually spelled Kamala and meaning lotus or "pale red".
Kamal (director)

Kamaluddin Mohammed Majeed, usually credited as Kamal, is an Indian film director, writer and producer who mainly works in Malayalam cinema. He is the current Chairman of Kerala State Film Academy.

Kamal (disambiguation)

Kamal may refer to:

  • Kamal, a male given name with multiple origins
  • Kamal (navigation), a navigational instrument for measuring latitude
  • Alfa Romeo Kamal, an SUV by Alfa Romeo

Usage examples of "kamal".

He waited beside an old delivery truck while Samir went to barter with the owner for two horses they could take to Abu Kamal, across the border in Syria.

He would tell Samir where to leave the horses when they arrived in Abu Kamal across the border in Syria, but of course would insist on payment in advance.

Abu Kamal, Syria Wednesday, 8 March 1995 1620 Hours, Local Eli Yusef Habib was sitting in his truck when two men in uniform approached him.

Euphrates River 15 km N of Abu Kamal, Syria Wednesday, 8 March 1995 1830 Hours, Local The tiny outboard motor ran smoothly and quietly, pushing the little dhow north, up the Euphrates toward Turkey.

We looked down on the lights of Abu Kamal and Krabilah, the two built-up areas that straddled the border.

He is also in business with his brother-in-law, Kamal, who is half European and half Muslim.

With him in the car was Kamal Derwish, the ringleader of the Lackawanna cell.

This worthy is my senior aide and adviser, Lord Kamal Mishwa Daoud-Khan, Shereef of the Benni-Tular.

This was Kamal and his boyz' house, their yard, just as much as the Amazon's.

Kamal led the sultry capoeira fight dance that had the slow, controlled rhythms of Tai Chi combined with a mixture of kickboxing and karate.

Then, by rights, he woulda backed Kamal up to an appropriate distance so Kamal could get his head straight and go home, and Marlene could relax enough that Shabazz could stand down without losing face.

Kamal said more calmly, his jawline and his team's normalizing as Jose nervously lowered his weapon.