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Kall or KALL may refer to:

Kall (Rur)

'''Kall (Rur) ''' is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Usage examples of "kall".

Dancer could wait there, wait for Stephen Kall to show up, befriend him, and then arrange to get captured and get close to the victims.

Jodie was apparently every bit the marksman that Stephen Kall had been.

The next morning, about ten hours out, General Kall contacted me again, asking how many men I could evacuate.

Some hours later General Friedreich Kall sat in my cabin, an untouched drink by his arm.

She had just signed off on the engineering report from Ensign Kall Denna and paused at the situation table to compile her notes.

On November 5 division sent down orders to move tanks down a road called the Kall trail.

My show konsists of a serious of wax works, snakes, a paneramy kalled a Grand Movin Diarea of the War in the Crymear, komic songs and the Cangeroo, which larst little cuss continners to konduct hisself in the most outrajus stile.

Show Bizniss, which Ive stroven to ornyment, is bein usurpt by Poplar Lecturs, as thay air kalled, tho in my pinion thay air poplar humbugs.

The skipper and Allen Bartow were standing near the duty desk talking to CAG Kall.