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KALK (97.7 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic hits format. Licensed to Winfield, Texas, USA, the station serves the Paris area. The station is currently owned by East Texas Broadcasting, Inc.

Kalk (surname)

Kalk is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brian Kalk (born c. 1966), American civil servant
  • Curt Kalk, American politician
  • Jay Kalk (born 1975), American musician
  • Stanton Frederick Kalk (1894–1917), United States Navy officer

Usage examples of "kalk".

THE HEART of the pyramid node, Sith, no longer of the Thone, made ready to converse with Gys U Kalk of the Ggyddn.

So why should the Kalk care whether he kept his side of the bargain or not?

Gys U Kalk was correct and Sith was trapped here in the Castle on a hostile planet.

When they struck the steepest part of the slope, he allowed Kalk to take the lead.

He stepped cautiously toward Kalk, but no caution could have saved his ankle from the snare Kalk had set the night before.

The savage lunge of powerful legs snapped the thongs like twine before Kalk could draw his steel.

Then he decided that the gods forbid he should be ungrateful to the man who had saved him from joining Sergeant Kalk on the rocks below.

Sith, no longer of the Thone, made ready to converse with Gys U Kalk of the Ggyddn.

The Kalk had delivered this item of information, this warning, with an icy detachment worthy of his chamber itself.

The Kalk picked up his call at once, cut him short, opened channels through the instrumentation.

Vul was the second moon of Kalk, in the Svare System, a barren, arid place kept alive only by the Tarp which formed a clear dome over the settlement.

In poetry the action can take place everywhere and nowhere: it does not matter whether the lonely wives of the fishermen live in Kalk Bay or Portugal or Maine.