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Kalingi/Kalinga is an Indian caste of temple priests and cultivators, found mainly in Srikakulam. The Kalingis are essentially Telugus and are found mainly on the borderland between the districts of Ganjam and Vizagapatam.

They are an endogamous population. The same class of people are known as the Kalinjis in the country north of the Vamsadhara river. In the Telugu parts they are called Kalingis and in the Oriya country they are known as Kalinjis. These Kalingis are not found south of Chipurupalle in the Vizagapatam district. These were the original people that gave their name to the region; most of them are now found confined to the south of Ganjam district, but some are found scattered all over the Oriya country along the coast.

Notable Kalingi include Ronanki Appalaswamy, Boddepalli RajaGopala Rao Boddepalli Rajagopala Rao, Killi Krupa Rani,H J Dora ( Andhra Pradesh Police Chief & CVC member), Padma Shri Kutikuppala Surya Rao and Dr G Shanta Rao.