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Kalin (Hinduism)

Kalin is a famous mythological hero in the Hindu religious text Rigveda, written in verse.

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Kälin or Kaelin is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Alfred Kälin (born 1949), former Swiss cross country skier
  • Alois Kälin (born 1939), former Swiss Nordic skier
  • Carolyn Kaelin (1961–2015), American surgeon
  • Charles S. Kaelin (1858-1929), American painter
  • Karl Kälin (born 1943), Swiss psychologist
  • Kato Kaelin (born 1959), American actor
  • Urs Kälin (born 1966), Swiss former alpine skier
  • Walter Kälin (born 1951), Swiss humanitarian, constitutional lawyer and international human rights lawyer
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Kalin (surname)

Kalin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Tom Kalin (born 1962), award-winning screenwriter, film director and producer.
  • Boris Kalin (1905–1975), Slovene sculptor
  • Andrea Kalin, documentary director, producer and the founder and executive producer of Spark Media
  • Frank Kalin (1917–1975), Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Jeremy Kalin (born 1975), Minnesota politician and a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives
  • Yngve Kalin (born 1950), Swedish priest and one of the leaders of the traditionalist movement in the Church of Sweden
Kalin (Tamil origin name)

Kalin - name (Tamil)

Kalin is a Tamil origin word derived from "கலி" which means flourishing, thriving and prospering.6

It is also inspired from

Tamil Grammar written in kalippa

kalithokai in ancient Tamil sangam literature ettuthokai. 4

A type of venpa கலிவெண்பா(classical Tamil poetry)

The female version of Kalin is kalini.