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Kalev may refer to:

  • Kalev (mythology), a character from Estonian mythology
  • Kalev (given name), an Estonian masculine given name
  • Kalev (confectioner), an Estonian sweets company
  • BC Kalev/Cramo, a basketball club based in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tallinna Kalev, a basketball club based in Tallinn, Estonia
  • JK Tallinna Kalev, a football club based in Tallinn, Estonia
  • JK Sillamäe Kalev, a football club based in Sillamäe, Estonia
  • Tallinna Kalev, a rugby union club based in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Kalev class submarine, class of Estonian British-built submarines and leading ship of this class
  • Estonian Sports Association Kalev
  • Kaliv (Hasidic dynasty), the Chassidic dynasty and Rebbes of Kaliv/Kalev/Kalov
  • Caleb/ Kaleb, an individual mentioned in the Hebrew Bible
  • Kalev (band), a British rock band
Kalev (mythology)

In Estonian mythology and Kreutzwald's epic poem " Kalevipoeg", King Kalev was the father of King Kalevipoeg and the husband of Linda.

Toompea, a hill in the centre of Tallinn, was said to be the tumulus over his grave, erected by Linda in memory of him. It is now Estonia's centre of government.

In an old Russian chronicle the Estonian city of Tallinn was called Kolõvan. It probably meant Kalev city.

Kalev (confectioner)

AS Kalev (2006–2012 Kalev Chocolate Factory AS) is an Estonian confectionery company. The company can trace its origins back two hundred years, the business that precede the Maiasmokk cafe was founded in 1806. This now owned by Kalev. The Kalev company is now a part of the industrial conglomerate Orkla Group. Since 2003, it has been based in Põrguvälja near Jüri, Rae Parish, Harju County.

Kalev (band)

Formed in mid-2004, in London, England, Kalev was a rock band with serrated noise textures, heavy beats, intertwining guitars and dark lyrics.

Kalev's live set was often played as one piece. The band professed interest [on their Myspace page] in the music of Depeche Mode, At The Drive-In / The Mars Volta, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Doors, Mark Lanegan, Tool and Joy Division.

The band released three singles, on Road Movie Revival and Owlsnake Records. The debut single, "Undoing", was released in November 2005 and charted at No.83 in the UK Pop Charts. The single was winner of the Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 show 'Fresh Meat' listeners' poll.

The second single, "Cutting at Nothing", was released in April 2006 and charted at No. 3 in the UK Rock Chart. The single was winner of an XFM 'Drive-time' New Singles listeners' poll in the week of release.

A double 'a' side - 'Slight Death of You' / 'Glass Crowd' was released in May 2007.

Kalev recorded an 'Xposure' session with the XFM John Kennedy show in November 2005. They toured England, though not extensively; and headlined 'Club Frog' at the Mean Fiddler in London in April 2006.

Kalev's music, while typically possessing a strong rhthymnic pulse, varied song by song. A dark tone and tenor persisted throughout. Samples [often vocal-led, or found sound - based] were used for tone and narrative. Common themes to their lyrics: violence, sex and intoxication.

Live & single reviews featuring the band were published as well as Editorial New Release recommendations in the NME and Artrocker magazines. Artrocker published a feature piece on Kalev in July 2007. The band finished up in early 2008.

Kalev (given name)

Kalev is an Estonian masculine given name, derived from national folk hero Kalev. Related Finnish names are Kaleva and Kalevi.

Its meaning is most often "giant", "tall strong man". The etymology is uncertain. The Russian word голова (golova), "head" as in "headman" has been suggested, but is linguistically anachronistic. However, it could be Baltic (kalējs, "smith"), Finnic (kalea, "cool, hard") or Norse (Hlér, a sea god, from *xlewaz, or *xalewaz with an epenthetic vowel). It appears in historical records from 15th century onwards, although an uncertain mention dates to the 12th century.

People named Kalev include:

  • Kalev Kallo (born 1948), politician
  • Kalev Katus (1955–2008), demographer
  • Kalev Kesküla (1959–2010), writer
  • Kalev Mark Kostabi (born 1960), American painter
  • Kalev Ots (born 1949) engineer and politician
  • Kalev Rebane (born 1980), political activist
  • Kalev Sepp, American military analyst and strategist and former military officer
  • Kalev Vaska, writer