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Kaleb (given name)

Kaleb, a variant spelling of " Caleb", may refer to:

  • Kaleb of Axum (c.520), perhaps the best-documented king of Axum
  • Kaleb Canales (born 1978), assistant basketball coach
  • Kaleb Cowart (born 1992), baseball player
  • Kaleb Kaschalk (born 1989), the youngest person to ever finish Ironman France
  • Kaleb Nation (writer), (born 1988), author
  • Kaleb Simmonds, Canadian Idol participant
  • Kaleb Tedla (1918–2006), successful Eritrean business man who lived most of his life in Ethiopia
  • Kaleb Toth (born 1977), Canadian lacrosse player
  • Nikša Kaleb (born 1973), Croatian handball player
  • Vjekoslav Kaleb (1905–1996), Croatian short story writer and novelist