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Káld is a village in Vas county, Hungary. It's 16 km far from Sárvár and 35 km far from Sümeg.

Usage examples of "kald".

He must have died in mid-leap, but his body knocked the Kald over and bore him down.

Not when the language used lamb for lamb, fotuz for foot, manna for man, kald for cold, arm for arm, and herto for heart.

Nobody had seen Bas the Immortal who was its god and guardian, nor the androids that were his servants, nor the Kalds that were slaves to both of them.

A couple of Kalds moved in and touched them apart, very delicately, with the wands.

The Kalds came toward them, almost lazily, running rough gray tongues over their shiny teeth.

The Kalds and the people below were all too busy not breaking their necks to have eyes for anything else.

Out on the floor, the nearest Kalds were shaking off their daze of worship.

Three of the original four Kalds were down and the fourth was busy with the hermit.

The Kalds watched him with their blood-pink eyes, yawning and whimpering with animal nervousness.