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KALB or Kalb may refer to:

Usage examples of "kalb".

By killing the elder god, Kalb hoped to inherit Tod's nigh-omnipotence.

So long ago, Kalb could no longer remember what his original body had looked like.

An ever-hungry viper grew from his rear, and it would take an occasional nip from Kalb whenever he forgot to feet it.

Among the legion of the Fallen, there were many horrors, and Kalb was the greatest horror of all.

Anger at the elder god who had consigned him to the Hollows and at all things of that god's creation, which was everything, including Kalb himself.

Desaphanus is dead, and I, Kalb, the Overlord of the Damned, am the most powerful being in existence.

She was beginning to feel far more comfortable beside Kalb than any demon had right to, but even she was reluctant to contradict him.

Lord Kalb, King of Evil, Overlord of the Damned, parted the wall and stepped upon a worldly field of wheat.

On the plus side, the delay confirmed to Kalb that Desaphanus was indeed dead.

Carried by his momentum, Kalb and Pira struck the world and were driven six miles below the surface.

Before being disintegrated, Kalb had never really taken the time to analyze the entire creation of his Maker.

The universe was like a great big game, and Kalb was merely a pawn, albeit a very important pawn.

His yellow eyes beheld the Cat, and Kalb grinned with sinister delight.

It was only a matter of time before the eggs suffered defeat, but Kalb didn't feel like waiting.

She could try to fight off Kalb and his demons, but she was not feeling particularly righteous in her anger anymore.