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Kalaparva envisions to celebrate Indian performing arts and artistes through an exclusive online media space. Its mission is to serve premier online content on Indian arts, and be recognized and respected by the Indian art fraternity.

Kalaparva at present is an online magazine exclusively dedicated to Indian arts and artists – both performing and visual arts. It is a non-profit initiative aimed to promote the understanding and appreciation of the country’s arts among a larger audience worldwide. As a platform for Indian artists, art connoisseurs and the uninitiated, it intends to serve news and listings in the realm of arts, bring to light the richness of classical and folk art forms Showcase artistes and their ideas, creative thoughts, works and contributions, initiate critical discourse and intellectual discussions on the past, present and future of the art forms, facilitate knowledge exchange on the theory and practice of the art forms and provide information and access to resources useful to the art community.