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n. (context Islam English) speculative theology


ʿIlm al-Kalām (, literally "science of discourse"), usually foreshortened to kalam and sometimes called "Islamic scholastic theology", is an Islamic undertaking born out of the need to establish and defend the tenets of Islamic faith against doubters and detractors. A scholar of kalam is referred to as a mutakallim (plural mutakallimūn) as distinguished from philosophers, jurists, and scientists. There are many possible interpretations as to why this discipline was originally called "kalam"; one is that the widest controversy in this discipline has been about whether the Word of God, as revealed in the Qur'an, can be considered part of God's essence and therefore not created, or whether it was made into words in the normal sense of speech, and is therefore created.

Kalam (disambiguation)

Kalam or Ilm al-Kalam (lit. "science of discourse") is a term for philosophical theology in Islam.

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Usage examples of "kalam".

Kalam had begun to view the Deadhouse option as more of a potential escape route if things went wrong than anything else, and even then as a last recourse.

Giles Habibula and Jay Kalam stood on the netting, John Star, lightest of the four, on their shoulders, while huge Hal Samdu stood upon his.

Kalam and Salk Elan carried the man between them to the side and pitched him over without ceremony.

Stones and gravel pelted them, drawing flinches from the stallion and grunts of pain from Kalam.

Kalam waited another fifty heartbeats, then he set out towards the Dogslayer encampment.

Kalam snatched a glance at his chronometer, and made an imperative gesture to the alert Legionnaires about him.

Jay Kalam and Hal Samdu and Caspar Hannas stood peering down at it, but Giles Habibula hung apprehensively back near the elevator that had brought them up.

Somewhere in their wake, a fast trader battled the same storm, and her presenceannounced by the lookout only minutes before the green and strangely luminescent cloud rolled over themgnawed at Kalam, refusing to go away.

Kalam gaped to see his stallion charging for him and, crouched low over the saddle and swinging back the clawfoot on the Marine-issue crossbow, Minala.

Abul Kalam Azad, Indian Nationalist Moslem leader, spokesman for Congress in the 1945 negotiations for Independence.

A sporting human‑interest story, mohun bagan centre‑forward takes wife, gave me its last word, and 'go то' I took from the tragic masses go то abul kalam azad's funeral.

Kalam clambered off the dying enkar'al, shifted the knife to his left hand and found a short sword lying beside a dead marine, barely in time to meet the charge of two pirates, their heavy scimitars slashing down on both sides.

Jay Kalam interpreted her words, but it seemed to Bob Star that he did so like an automatic machine, without himself comprehending anything.

Hackles rising, Kalam freed his crossbow from its binding on the saddle, cranked the claw back until it locked, then slid a quarrel into the slot.

Four more desert warriors appeared, followed by a fifth Pardu, this last one a shaman, Kalam concluded, given the man's wild hair, fetishes and ratty goat-hide cape.