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n. traditional East Slavic bread shaped like a padlock or various kinds of wheels. Other Slavic nations have similar but not identical types of pastry, e.g. Czech or Slovak (l cs koláč)/(l sk koláč), Polish (l pl kołacz), Bulgarian (l bg колач), Serbo-Croatian (l sh колач) / (l sh kolač), etc.

Kalach (food)
For other meanings see kalach.

Kalach, kolach, or colac (; ; ; ), is a traditional East Slavic bread, commonly served during various ritual meals. The name originates from the Old Slavonic word kolo (коло) meaning "circle", "wheel".


Kalach may refer to:

  • Alberto Kalach (b. 1960), Mexican architect
  • Kalach (food), a traditional Slavic bread
  • Kalach Urban Settlement, an administrative division and a municipal formation which the town of Kalach and seven rural localities in Kalachevsky District of Voronezh Oblast, Russia are incorporated as
  • Kalach (inhabited locality), several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Kālach, alternative name of Kalaj, a village in Mazandaran Province of Iran
Kalach (inhabited locality)

Kalach is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.

Usage examples of "kalach".

The Russians had blown the bridge across the Don at Kalach, but now the pontoon bridge was complete, and the Germans controlled the west bank of the river and were rested and poised.