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Kal (band)

Kal (meaning "black" in Romani) is a world music Romani band from Serbia (originally from Valjevo, now based in Belgrade). They attracted Serbian and worldwide public interest with their eponymous debut album, released in 2006, presenting a blend of traditional Balkan Roma music with influences of Tango, Middle Eastern, Turkish and even Jamaican influences.

Kal was formed in 1996, and they participated in several compilation album with other Roma, Serbian and world music performers. Their first national TV appearance was in a B92 show Timofejev in New Year's Eve 2006 1, where they presented their unique style.

During 2006, Kal toured over a hundred concerts worldwide, including most of the European countries and United States. They participated in Sziget Festivals (in 2001, 2002 and 2004), La notte di San Lorenzo in Milano, and 11th European biennale of young artists in Athens, EXIT in Novi Sad in 2004 and 2005, and featured in 2006 World Music Expo, WOMEX. In April 2006, the album reached the first position of World Music Charts Europe and ended up 3rd in the annual list.

The band, particularly the frontman Dragan Ristić, are also politically and socially engaged, fighting the prejudices and Anti-Roma sentiment. Dragan and his brother Dušan founded the Amala Summer School in Serbia, a workshop of Romani language, history, culture heritage, and political power.

Kal (name)

Kal is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Kal Daniels (born 1963), former Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Kal Mann (1917–2001), American lyricist
  • Kal Naismith (born 1992), Scottish footballer
  • Kal Penn (born 1977), American actor, producer and civil servant, best known for the TV series House and the Harold and Kumar films


  • Ken Kal (born 1957), American disc jockey and reporter
  • Miraç Kal (born 1987), Turkish cyclist
  • Paulus Kal, 15th-century German fencing master
  • Paweł Kal (born 1989), Polish footballer

Usage examples of "kal".

Pelek Baw spread along the western shore of the Great Downrush, the mightiest river on Haruun Kal.

My show konsists of a serious of wax works, snakes, a paneramy kalled a Grand Movin Diarea of the War in the Crymear, komic songs and the Cangeroo, which larst little cuss continners to konduct hisself in the most outrajus stile.

Show Bizniss, which Ive stroven to ornyment, is bein usurpt by Poplar Lecturs, as thay air kalled, tho in my pinion thay air poplar humbugs.

In yogic writings, this Universal Mind is spoken of as Brahmanda, whose power or lord is known as Brahm or Kal.

Life Force during a Sat yuga declines, giving way to ages of progressively lower consciousness, until we reach the Kal yuga, where we find ourselves today.

But it is said that the Kal yuga gives way to the Sat yuga when the manifested power of the Life Force has reached its lowest ebb.

But in the Kal yuga, through which we now are passing, the age when mind predominates, man has largely lost consciousness of his inner centre of focused attention, the eye centre, and remains scattered in the world displayed to his mind by the five senses.

At the far end of the Kyi Chu, we pause at the Pargo Kaling -- the Western Gate -- an ornate arch eighty-five meters tall.

When they exit by the main steps and approach the Pargo Kaling, the great Western Gate on this side of the Kyi Chu Bridge, they find Regent Reting Tokra blocking the way with five hundred of his finest Palace Guard troops.

Tokra nods at someone high up in the gleaming eyes on the Pargo Kaling tower and the black chrome bridge of Kyi Chu slides silently back into the mountain.

After the timeless interlude of slaughter under the Pargo Kaling Western Gate, Nemes leads the way up the tower and across the great metal cables holding the suspension bridge in place.

Angarak atrocities, their archery improved to the point that no place in the horde was truly safe from Asturian arrows, and Kal Torak of Mallorea took horrid casualties as he marched west toward Vo Mimbre.

Moreover, since he is Asturian, it is well within the realm of possibility that he hath concluded some secret accord with Kal Torak to betray us at a crucial moment during the battle.

Afsan had climbed high enough to see clearly what was going on over on the far side of the boat, the three sailors who had followed Keenir overboard had reached Kal.

By the time Afsan had climbed high enough to see clearly what was going on over on the far side of the boat, the three sailors who had followed Keenir overboard had reached Kal.