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Käku is a village in Lääne-Saare Parish, Saare County, Estonia, on the island of Saaremaa. It has a population of 37 (as of 1 January 2011).

One of two Saaremaa Motoklubi's motocross circuits is located in Käku.

Kaku (name)

Kaku is a Japanese surname and a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Michio Kaku, American physicist
  • Mouli Kaku, Microsoft Consultant
  • (born 1984), Japanese actor

Given name:

  • (1915–1986), Japanese Go player

  • (1919–1994), Japanese actor

Category:Japanese-language surnames

Usage examples of "kaku".

But Admiral Kaku had to be up on the bridge whenever she was threatened.

Men like Kaku were absolutely necessary, but were also easier to come by.

But Kaku handled the carrier the way a fighter ace flew his Zero: as if the craft were an extension of his own body.

Admiral Kaku swung the wheel hard to port, then even harder to starboard.

Rear Admiral Kaku had made any mistakes in the naval battle just past.

At 0230, 5 June, he directed Captain Kaku to summon all hands topside.

Captain Kaku himself was determined to stay and accordingly besought the Admiral to leave the ship.

Captain Abe, commander of the destroyer division, crossed over to the carrier in a vain effort to persuade Admiral Yamaguchi and Captain Kaku to leave the ship.

Michio Kaku assigns theoretical advances in spacecraft propulsion systems to these various levels of civilization, pointing to our future in space.

Nuit, Hehu and Hehit, Kaku and Kakit, Ninu and Ninit, the god One and the god Eight, the Monad and the Ogdoad.

With Kaneko of a carpenter shop and Kaku of a fishmarket, I once ruined a carrot patch of one Mosaku.

Their host and hostess, Albert and Lou Kaku were eager to please when they found out she was Hawaiian.

He had set one chair in front of the desk, intending to leave Captain Kaku out there alone and vulnerable to take whatever he felt like dishing out.

Captain Kaku was also there, eating a bowl of pickled plums and sipping tea.

Captain Kaku was swinging the helm hard to port even before that alarmed cry rang out.