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Kakko (instrument)

The is a Japanese double-headed drum. One way in which the kakko differs from the regular taiko drum is in the way in which it is made taut. Like the Shime-Daiko and tsuzumi, the skin of the heads are first stretched over metal hoops before they are placed on the body, tying them to each other and tightening them making them taut. Kakko drums are usually laid on their sides on stands so that it can be played with sticks called bachi on both heads. Kakko drums have been used in taiko ensembles, but they are also used in older Japanese court music called gagaku.

The kakko is derived from the Chinese jiegu, a drum popular in China during the Tang Dynasty, as is the Korean galgo.

Kakko (singer)

Kakko (born September 23, 1969 in Osaka, Japan), is one of the pseudonyms of Kakuko Yamagata (former name Kakuko Suzuki ), a Japanese actress, TV presenter and former pop singer. Under the name "Kakko", she was on the roster of Stock Aitken Waterman but met with little success in the UK charts.

Yamagata attended an American school in Kobe and aged 17 was spotted by a scout from CBS records. She moved to the UK to attend a music school in London before coming to the attention of producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Her first single, Stock/Aitken/Waterman's "We Should Be Dancing", was released in February 1990 reaching number 101 in the UK charts, while her second release, " What Kind Of Fool" (written by Harding/Curnow/Clift), did not manage to get a chart rating.

She returned to Japan in 1991 and commenced working under the stage name Anju Suzuki. She has become a popular actress in TV dramas and appears in many commercials.


Kakko may refer to:

  • Kakko (instrument), a Japanese double-headed drum
  • Kakko (bread), a type of Finnish bread baked mostly in the region of Satakunta