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KAIS may refer to:

  • KAIS International School
  • KAIS (FM), a radio station (90.7 FM) licensed to serve Tracy, California, United States
  • KAKI (FM), a radio station (88.1 FM) licensed to serve Juneau, Alaska, United States, which held the call sign KAIS from 2008 to 2010

Usage examples of "kais".

Tain of Kais Tain had successfully rebelled against the Ila and the Lakht, undefeated for ten years, and had all the west under his hand.

He still saw her sitting there in the street of Kais Tain, a heap of bright cloth and grief.

He was not in Kais Tain, where marriage was singular and women, but not men, could die for a mere suspicion of infidelity.

A certain part of him longed to linger back and wait for Kais Tain to pass: See, Father, he could say.

Kais Goros, Kais Tagin, and Undar went by: the westernmost villages were not the hindmost in the line.

Kais Karas and Kais Madisar, and the wind was, if anything, fiercer, coming in gusts that reddened the air with sand.

Having seen a father part with his daughter and a village agree with that act, he could no longer delude himself that Kais Tain would ever confess their own guilt for turning him out.

Andisak was wise, and allowed no gap between his village and the next, but that spoke only of Kais Kurta.