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KAIR may refer to:

  • KAIR (AM), a radio station (1470 AM) licensed to Atchison, Kansas, United States
  • KAIR-FM, a radio station (93.7 FM) licensed to Horton, Kansas
  • KFFN, a radio station (1490 AM) licensed to serve Tucson, Arizona, United States, which held the call sign KAIR from 1956 to 1989
  • KAir, Kair Battery uses potassium and air (which combust when combined) to power a large-scale battery that costs less to produce and is more efficient than other technologies but doesn’t create toxic byproducts.

Usage examples of "kair".

After listening to Kair, it's clear to me that your chance of gaining control of that extra part of your mind is almost zero.

And if you haven't started talking then, or if Kair isn't back, you're through.

It provided an opportunity for getting rid of Lavoisseur and Hardie, and through Dr Kair we found out something about your extra brain.