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n. (alternative spelling of kif English)

Usage examples of "kaif".

Leeb had been too impatient and anxious, she too nervous, and the twigs on the ground very unromantically prickly, but with a little practice they had been doing it much better in a couple of days—doing it well enough to bring Kaif into the world.

It would be very sad if Kaif never met his grandparents and even sadder for Gaib and Frial never to know their grandchildren.

At the very least, certain kaifs would use it as a pretext to demand apologies--bribes of gold and forcibles and spices.

From time to time, shipments would fall into the wrong hands, and the kaifs of Kartish would be slaughtered wholesale.

Proudhon, Bellamy, Hudson, Kaif, 47 Ronin, Makoto, Kino Doku, Ka Ko, Mondragon.

Feeling cheated, he went to the kaifs of his land and demanded to know what to do.