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were roads in Japan dating from the Edo period. They act important roles in transportation like the Appian way of ancient Roman roads. Major examples include the Edo Five Routes, all of which started at Edo (modern-day Tokyo). Minor examples include sub-routes such as the Hokuriku Kaidō and the Nagasaki Kaidō.

Kaidō, however, do not include San'yōdō, San'indō, Nankaidō and Saikaidō, which were part of the even more ancient system of Yamato government called Gokishichidō. These names were used for administrative units, and the roads within these units.

Many highways and railway lines in modern Japan follow the ancient routes and carry the same names. The early roads radiated from the capital at Nara or Kyoto. Later, Edo was the reference, and even today Japan reckons directions and measures distances along its highways from Nihonbashi in Chūō, Tokyo.

Kaido (given name)

Kaido is an Estonian given name, a masculine form of Kaidi – a variant of Katariina (" Katherine (given name)").

People named Kaido include:

  • Kaido Höövelson (Baruto Kaito; born 1984), sumo wrestler
  • Kaido Kaaberma (born 1968), fencer
  • Kaido Kalm (born 1965), ice sledge hockey player and Paralympic competitor
  • Kaido Kama (born 1957), politician
  • Kaido Koppel (born 1988), football player
  • Kaido Külaots (born 1976), chess Grandmaster
  • Kaido Põldma (born 1980), musician ( Soul Militia)
  • Kaido Reivelt (born 1970), physicist, researcher and educator
  • Kaido Saks (born 1986), basketball player