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Kahu or KAHU may refer to:

  • KAHU (FM), a radio station (91.7 FM) licensed to serve Pahala, Hawaii, United States
  • KIPA (AM), a radio station (1060 AM) licensed to serve Hilo, Hawaii, which held the call sign KAHU from 1984 to 2003
  • , a Moa class inshore patrol vessel of the Royal New Zealand Navy

  • , a Fairmile B motor launch of the Royal New Zealand Navy

  • Project Kahu, a major upgrade for the A-4 Skyhawk fighter jet
  • Swamp harrier, a large, slim bird of prey in the family Accipitridae, also known as the kāhu

KAHU is a Hawaii Public Radio station on 91.7 MHz FM. It is licensed to Pahala, Hawaii, on the island of Hawaiʻi.

Usage examples of "kahu".

Eat some things only if you want to see Kahu Hidi the way it thinks it is.

Some say it was brought down from Kahu Hidi long ago, in the beginning.

He looked down between his pounding feet and saw that he had made the tepuis, Roraima and Kahu Hidi and all the other sky-places, and that some animals had hidden on these mountains who still did not have wives.

He shrank from starvation and walked among the strange old-looking animals of Kahu Hidi.

Odosha came and told me that he had killed my friends and I was selfish and foolish to come to Kahu Hidi and try to become a warrior.

On Kahu Hidi, had her egg been left in place and the venator survived, Frankie would have hatched first, then killed and eaten her dinosaur siblings.

Saturday the eighteenth, old Rua Te Kahu sat on the crest of a hill that rose in an unbroken curve above his native village.

Some of the chaps over at the Kainga, Eru and Rewi Te Kahu and that gang, had gone out in a boat from Harpoon and they said they saw it.

Old Rua Te Kahu came in wearing a feather cloak over his best suit and, with great urbanity, moved among his guests.

Te Kahu gave you his undertaking that when the adze is needed by the police he will allow them to have it?