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was a after Kanji and before Eichō. This period spanned the years from December 1094 through December 1096. The reigning emperor was .

Kaho (actress)

is a Japanese actress and fashion model. Her real name is Indou Kaho.

From 2004 to 2007, Kaho was the 11th Mitsui ReHouse Girl. She was given a Best New Talent award at the 2008 Yokohama Film Festival for her performance in the film A Gentle Breeze in the Village.

Kaho (given name)

Kaho is a feminine Japanese name written in different kanji characters and having different meanings:

  • 花歩, "flower, walk/progress"
  • 花穂, "flower, ear (of grain)"
  • 果歩, "fruit, walk/progress"
  • 香穂, "incense, ear (of grain)"
  • 夏帆, "summer, sail"
  • 夏穂, "summer, ear (of grain)"
  • 嘉穂, "praise, ear (of grain)"
  • 加保, "add, protect"
  • 歌歩, "song, walk/progress"

The name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.