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Kahn is a German surname. Kahn is the German word that means, in informal contexts, small boat. It is also a Germanized form of the Jewish surname Cohen, another variant of which is Cahn.

Kahn (disambiguation)

Kahn is a German derived surname, from the word for "small boat".

Kahn may also refer to:

  • Kahn (game browser), enabling online multiplayer of IPX compatible games over a TCP/IP network
  • Kahn's, an American meat processing and distribution company based in Ohio
  • Kahn Design, a British car modifier based in Bradford
  • Kahn, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Kahn-e Bala (disambiguation), "upper Kahn", places in Iran
  • Kahn process networks (KPNs), a distributed model of computation in network communications

Usage examples of "kahn".

Time now, she thought, to lay aside the question of what trap to set for the spy in their midst, Kahn was already warming up, whipping her foil back and forth, shadow-lunging.

That overextension had to be bait—but if she did not take it, she would never learn the lesson that Kahn obviously intended.

One armored figure, Kahn, Danner thought, had her weapon out and was covering Lu Wai as the sergeant confiscated the spy’s wristcom and wrapped a cling around her arms and waist, then her ankles.

When she reached the end of the corridor, Kahn stood to attention, face carefully bland.

She took a seat among them: Letitia and Lu Wai sitting close together, Kahn picking something out from under a nail.

Right, Kahn and Dogias, I want you to work up the details of what we’ve discussed.

Detail Kahn to go to my office, to escort a native, Sehanol, to my quarters.

Evidently, both Murtha and Kahn having failed, they are resorting to other tactics.

I whispered to Kennedy, as I returned, excitedly motioning toward one of the transoms over the booths back of which Kahn was seated.

In fact no one seemed to know just what to do and it was all over so quickly that even Kahn himself had not time to get a glimpse of us through the swinging door.

I think that will about settle the case of Kahn, if not of Dopey Jack, when we get ready to spring it.

Although both Carton and Kennedy were straining every nerve to make progress in the case, there was indeed very little to report, either the next day or for some time after the episode which had placed Kahn in our power.

As each, for some reason or other, was objected to by Carton, Kahn began to show exasperation.

Kahn, the great Kahn by whom all the forces of the underworld had conjured, was completely unnerved.

Then he had given Kahn just a glimpse of the evidence that hinted at what was in store for himself personally.