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KAGO may refer to:

  • KAGO-FM, a radio station (99.5 FM) licensed to Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States
  • KAGO (AM), a radio station (1150 AM) licensed to Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States
  • Magnolia Municipal Airport in Magnolia, Arkansas, United States

KAGO (1150 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format. Licensed to Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. The station is currently owned by Basin Mediactive LLC, and features programming from Citadel Media, Premiere Radio Networks, and Westwood One.

KAGO signed on in 1923 on 1220 kHz as KFJI. In 1927 it moved to 1200 kHz. As a result of the 1928 reallocations it moved to 1370 kHz. It moved to 1210 kHz in 1932 then to 1240 kHz in 1941 as a result of the NARBA agreement. It moved to 1150 kHz in 1950.

Usage examples of "kago".

He killed Kago by trying to strike him repeatedly on the underside of the bar.

The kago fruit grows well in this area, and is popular among my people.

In these wild regions there are no kago or norimons to be had, and a pack-horse is the only conveyance, and yesterday, having abandoned my own saddle, I had the bad luck to get a pack-saddle with specially angular and uncompromising peaks, with a soaked and extremely unwashed futon on the top, spars, tackle, ridges, and furrows of the most exasperating description, and two nooses of rope to hold on by as the animal slid down hill on his haunches, or let me almost slide over his tail as he scrambled and plunged up hill.

An occasional wealthy passenger swayed and bobbed in a kago, a basketlike chair borne on the shoulders of brawny louts whose kimonos hung open to display magnificently tattooed chests and legs.

There the local kago bearers sat around a fire in their encampment of flimsy shacks, drinking sake while they waited for customers.

Accordingly, she had about twenty Standard Days on Kago before she lifted for Shaltren.