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KAGG (96.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a country music format, licensed to Madisonville, Texas, USA. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia, Inc..

KAGG (law)

Gesetz über Kapitalanlagegesellschaften ( KAGG) — ( German for Investment Company Act) — was a set of German regulations for Mutual Funds that was phased out in 2007 and replaced by the German Investment Modernization Act ("Investement Act"). An objective of the new Investment Act is to promote Germany as an investment fund market, stemming the erstwhile exodus of German-managed funds that became domiciled in other European havens, namely Luxembourg. BaFin is the regulatory enforcement agency that oversees the German financial industry.

Usage examples of "kagg".

I stopped by was because General Kagg sent word he wants to see you and me this morning.

And Kagg had been very polite at the reception for his arrival last month.

It was the big Swedish lieutenant whom Anse had seen with Kagg several times.

He was a bit older than Kagg, but had the same hard-as-nails look of a professional soldier.

Anse, not even Kagg thinks the issue is really a matter of loyalty or treason.

I specifically instructed Frank to recommend you for this assignment when Kagg raised it with us.

Adolphus, Mike, Kagg, Noelle, von Dantz, the garrison commander, the Suhl city council, their militia captain.

Hans Koeppler were bringing some dispatches from the garrison at Suhl to General Kagg in Grantville.

But Kagg had only recently come into command here, and von Dantz had no experience serving under him.