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n. (alternative spelling of khagan English)


Kagan may refer to:

  • Kagan (surname)
  • Kagan, Uzbekistan
Kagan (surname)

Kagan is a surname. "Kagan" is a primarily Russian- Jewish surname which is derived from the surname "Kahan", which means Cohen (in Russian the consonant h is replaced with the consonant g). Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bernhard Kagan (1866-1932), German chess player, writer, publisher, editor, and organizer
  • Daryn Kagan (born 1963), former American newscaster
  • Donald Kagan (born 1932), Yale historian specializing in ancient Greece (Frederick and Robert Kagan's father)
  • Elena Kagan, (born 1960) dean of Harvard Law School, U.S. Solicitor General (under President Obama), and Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Frederick Kagan (born 1970), professor of military history (Robert Kagan's brother)
  • Henri Kagan, French chemist
  • Helena Kagan, (1889-1978) pioneer-pediatrician of Israel
  • Janet Kagan (1946–2008), author
  • Jeremy Kagan (born 1945), American television director
  • Jerome Kagan (born 1929), children developmental psychology
  • Joseph Kagan, Baron Kagan (1915–1995), British industrialist
  • Kimberly Kagan (born 1972), military historian (Frederick Kagan's wife)
  • Oleg Kagan (1946–1990), Russian violinist
  • Robert Kagan (born 1958), American historian and political commentator (Frederick Kagan's brother)
  • Robert A. Kagan, a law professor and author of a book on adversarial legalism
  • Shelly Kagan, philosopher and ethicist at Yale University
  • Shimon Kagan (born 1942), Israeli chess master
  • Veniamin Kagan (1869–1953), Russian mathematician
  • Vladimir Kagan (1927–2016), German furniture designer
  • Yisrael Meir Kagan (1838–1933), Polish-born rabbi, halakhist, and ethicist

Usage examples of "kagan".

But social inhibition remains so constant and is so similar from parent to child or in identical twins that Kagan concluded that shyness was, in part, genetically determined--a part of our inheritance, a part of our hardware.

Among those is Robert Kagan, a former aide to State Department official Elliot Abrams.

She coddled and guarded the young Kagan fiercely, consenting to only infrequent, short hunting trips with the soldiers, or letting him participate in raids against the Oirat.

At exactly twelve-thirty on the master twenty-five-hour clock that had become standard on New Eden, the program activated in the Kagan 7800 beneath the administration building at Anchor X-ray.

Some in Main Computers had suggested, not altogether facetiously, that they had unwit­tingly created a new form of life here, the Kagan network and the grid being the whole, and that, in fact, if computers really thought, they might also have hangups mirroring their human origins.

They tried to get the Aga Kagans to join in, help them beat back some of the saurian wildlife that liked to graze on people.

Why, you Aga Kagans have been the most notorious planet-grabbers in Sector history, you—you—"

I knew all along the Aga Kagans were a reasonable, peace-loving people.

And in that connection, the Aga Kagans have some very curious notions as to what constitutes proper hospitality to guests.

Why, you Aga Kagans have been the most notorious planet-grabbers in Sector history, you—you—"

The Kagans for the first time make it a possibility, if we can learn enough and understand enough to write the programs correctly the first time.

New forms of grain, developed on the Kagans and tested in dry Anchors, proved capable of growing well and swiftly in near-desert environ­ments, taking what moisture they needed from the driest air and able to take minerals directly from the most arid soils, were now making the massive desert areas of Earth bloom once more.

Clearly, the invaders had amplifi­cation devices strong enough to overcome an array of big amps, but it was highly dubious that they could overcome all twenty-eight Kagans working together through the network.

He drew at it, puffed out a cloud of smoke, and glanced casually at the trio of Aga Kagan cavaliers.