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The Collaborative International Dictionary

kafir \kafir\ n. Same as Kaffir. [South Africa]

Syn: kaffir, caffer, caffre.


n. 1 (context Islam English) infidel, pagan, non-believer; a non-Muslim aside from ahl al-kitab (Christians, Jews, etc.). 2 (context Islam English) Infidel, pagan, non-believer; any non-Muslim.Shaykh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah (Rahimullah) v27 p264: “Whosoever does not forbid people from the deen of the Jews and Christians after the prophethood of the messenger Muhammad (saw) nor declares them kafir nor hates them, he is not a Muslim by the consensus of ALL Muslims, their scholars and the general public.”

  1. n. an offensive term for any Black African [syn: kaffir, caffer, caffre]

  2. a member of the Kafir people in northeastern Afghanistan


Kafir ( ; plural ; feminine ) is an Arabic term (from the root K-F-R "to cover") "unbeliever", or "disbeliever". It is used as a derogatory term. The term alludes to a person who rejects or disbelieves in God and the teachings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and denies the dominion and authority of God; or otherwise does not heed the beliefs and prescriptions held by the religion of Islam. Unbelief is called kufr. Kafir is sometimes used interchangeably with mushrik (, those who commit polytheism), another type of religious wrongdoer mentioned frequently in the Quran and Islamic works. The practice of declaring another self-professed Muslim a kafir is known as takfir.

Usage examples of "kafir".

There, not twenty yards in front of me, placed in a charming situation, under the shade of a species of fig-tree, and facing to the stream, was a cosy hut, built more or less on the Kafir principle with grass and withes, but having a full-length door instead of a bee-hole.

The only people from whom she could hope for aid would be the natives, and now that the Boers had triumphed over the English--for this much she had gathered from her captors and from Jantje--it was very doubtful if the Kafirs would dare to assist her.

The Kafirs, who had stood quite silent to imbibe these remarks, bowed their heads with all the dignity and politeness of Roman senators, Spanish grandees, etc.

STORY Shortly after the old Boer had gone, John went into the yard of the hotel to see to the inspanning of the Cape cart, where his attention was at once arrested by the sight of a row in active progress--at least, from the crowd of Kafirs and idlers and the angry sounds and curses which proceeded from them, he judged that it was a row.

Well, the boys were rough, as Kafirs are apt to be with a drunken white man, and he struggled and fought, and in the middle of it the blood began to run from his mouth, and he dropped down dead of a broken blood-vessel, and there was an end of him.

I would have done as much myself had I been there and ten years younger, but Frank Muller is not the man to forget being put upon his back before a lot of Kafirs and white folk too.

Jacob Muller and Baas Frank and two Kafirs came into the hut and pulled us out, the old man my uncle, my father, my mother, and myself, and tied us up to four mimosa-trees with buffalo-hide reims.

I do not want you to marry me just because I am a pretty woman, as the Kafirs marry their wives?

Notwithstanding the apparent impossibility of the thing, John was considerably disturbed, knowing the extraordinary speed with which tidings do travel among Kafirs, more swiftly, indeed, than the fleetest mounted messenger can bear them.

Nobody was stirring, and as it was practically impossible to arouse the slumbering Kafirs from the various holes and corners where they were taking their rest--for a native hates the cold of the dawning--Mouti and he were obliged to harness the horses and inspan them without assistance--an awkward job in the dark.

I will drive these English out with the help of the Kafirs, and then I will kill the Kafirs and take their country.

His companion, on the other hand, understood English perfectly, for he had passed many years of his life in Natal, having left that colony on account of some little indiscretion about thrashing Kafirs which had brought him into collision with the penal laws.

If I go out shooting I like to shoot buck or Kafirs, not white people.

Whereon the neighbour would take the opportunity to relax from toil, squat down, have a pinch of snuff, and relate in what particular collection of rocks on the hillside he and his wives slept the last night--for when the Boers are out on commando the Kafirs will not sleep in their huts for fear of being surprised and shot down.

Then, however, having first made sure that the dog was being held by the Kafirs, he turned, his face streaming with blood, his one eye blazing with fury, and, shaking both his clenched fists at poor Bessie, broke into a scream of cursing.