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n. (plural of kaffiyeh English)

Usage examples of "kaffiyehs".

A few seconds later he saw two men with black kaffiyehs, brandishing what looked like Makarov pistols, cross the hall behind them.

The bottom of their kaffiyehs had been pulled across the nose and mouth of each man.

The women removed their kaffiyehs and trousers, then washed the wounds.

He, Warner Bicking, and Professor Nasr had been dressed in kaffiyehs and sunglasses and escorted to a bus stop.

Some Arab children stared silently at the Porsche, but the white-robed men in kaffiyehs and the bigger boys on foot or on braying little donkeys utterly ignored it, as they ignored the thronging tourists.

The camels went striding through the wire and the minefield in single file, the yellow kaffiyehs of the drivers fluttering.

Of the men in their kaffiyehs and the black-veiled women, Use said that they were figures in a surreal landscape.

They'd been passing a Campus Crusade rally at Berkeley, the speaker exhorting a crowd of students in turbans and kaffiyehs to witness for Christ.

Instinctively they yanked their kaffiyehs across their faces, and Reiver clutched his companions' sleeves.

Men in kaffiyehs and futahs staring blankly from the gold market that stood in the middle distance.