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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"gossip over cups of coffee," 1877, from German Kaffeeklatsch, from kaffee "coffee" (see coffee) + klatsch "gossip" (see klatsch).\n\nTHE living-room in a German household always contains a large sofa at one side of the room, which is the seat of honor accorded a guest. At a Kaffeeklatsch (literally, coffee gossip) the guests of honor are seated on this sofa, and the large round table is wheeled up before them. The other guests seat themselves in chairs about the table.

[Mary Alden Hopkins, "A 'Kaffeeklatsch,'" "Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics," May 1905]


n. A coffee klatch.

Usage examples of "kaffeeklatsch".

Perhaps at some other time I would have enjoyed his dissertation, even joined him for a Kaffeeklatsch tour of the city.

Escape from too much Hebraic Bach and Hebraic Kaffeeklatsch and Hebraic cousinry.

Ten years before, they had come to the door to introduce themselves when she and Gene were moving in, but Gene had made it plain he and Doris were not the kaffeeklatsch type.

Seeing the group of Heathers in the coffee shop, she wondered how many previous counterparts had already left the kaffeeklatsch, not wanting to hear about other lives or experience regrets for incorrect decisions.

Houses were built close together so that the developers could get the most out of every piece of forest land they had snapped up, and barbecues and kaffeeklatsches were popular social events.