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Kaffa may refer to:

  • Kaffa (city) or Theodosia, a Crimean city
  • Kaffa Province, a former province in Ethiopia
  • Kingdom of Kaffa, an ancient kingdom of the Kafficho people

Usage examples of "kaffa".

Master Sentinel poured two fresh cups of kaffa and settled in her deep chair.

Tulleman entered, bringing warm, fruit-scented pastries and kaffa and an exotic flower in a crystal chalice, and without even rising from the lounger Phoena set to.

Genoese discovery of an all-water trade route to the Far East and Crimea, the Asian seaport city of Kaffa had evolved into a thriving gateway for Genoese merchant ships - however, it was not to last.

Mongol warlords, namely Mongolian Tartars, charged against the walled city of Kaffa in an attempt to push the resident Genoese colonists out of Mongolia and back into the sea.

Many of them, infected and too weak to fight, stood before the walls of Kaffa like ceremonial wretches - beggars of dignity - waiting for a kind Genoese crossbow to deliver them from their sufferings and lay them down with at least enough distinction to undo the blot on their families.

According to her personal account, she had just enough credits left to get a cup of kaffa and a snack.

The young man behind the counter was busily cleaning one of the antique kaffa brewers that lined the back wall.

Marseilles, where they secretly traded casks of wine with the Genoese merchant ships in exchange for imports coming from Kaffa and bound for Genoa.

Brennen Caldwell took a sip of kaffa from his half-empty cup, made a face, and thumped the cup onto his desk.

Brennen got himself another cup of kaffa, downed it standing, and tucked the cup into the sterilizer.

Brennen was pulling her back to her feet and pushing another cup of kaffa at her.

There were also water-roots, a plate of slender red roots which Talon called kaffa, and a bowl of thick, yellow cream he called parmu.

Now, her stomach felt hollow and tight, and her mouth watered at the mere thought of crunchy kaffa roots.

Ethiopia -- where the Konso and Kaffa, for example, still retain some of the characteristics that mark the Azanian achievement.

Mongols catapulted plague infected corpses over the walls of Kaffa, in the Crimea, not far from here.