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KAFF (930 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a classic country format. Licensed to Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, it serves the Flagstaff area. The station is currently owned by Roger and Nancy Anderson, through licensee Flagstaff Radio, Inc., and features programming from ABC Radio.

KAFF is now rebroadcast on FM translator K228XO 93.5 FM and is rebranded as Flagstaff Country 93-5.


KAFF may refer to:

  • KAFF (AM), a radio station (930 AM) licensed to Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
  • KAFF-FM, a radio station (92.9 FM) licensed to Flagstaff, Arizona, United States
  • the IATA airport code for the airfield at the United States Air Force Academy
  • Kecskemét Animation Film Festival, an biennial animation film festival in Kecsemét, Hungary

Usage examples of "kaff".

The raptor remained still on the silver-banded stump, with folded wings, unless Kaff reached forward, whereupon it spread its wings, flashed its talons, and raked the air with its hooked beak.

In the old days Kaff had done nothing about his feelings of devotion for the princess because he had deemed himself unworthy.

Husbands all, lock up your wives, Kaff is stalking through your hives.

Captain Kaff, on the other hand, is an officer whose loyalty is unquestioned.

In his mind he was sure that Kaff had had him followed northwards, and had alerted the Hannacks.

Soldier to Kaff as they walked just inside the curtain wall of the city.

Soldier was reluctant to let Kaff have his way with Spagg, but betrayal was a heinous crime in his eyes.

Soldier was thinking of the way Kaff had manoeuvred it so that it was he who called on Layana first, while her husband was left wanting.

His straight right arm came out and his fist struck Kaff squarely on the jaw.

Since Ofao would not open the palace to him, Kaff went back to the guardhouse and roused some of his men, saying they were to scour the city.

The dangerous post of Warlord of Guthrum had been taken up by Colonel Kaff, shortly to be General Kaff.

Jakanda left the warlord Kaff and returned to the red pavilions outside the city gates.

Then he turned his attention to Kaff, who was examining his quarters with something close to a sneer on his face.

Had Kaff wanted her simply for her money or position, Soldier could have dealt with it.

His fear was that if he should argue bitterly with Layana, over some little thing as husbands and wives are wont to do from time to time, she might decide that Kaff was better for her, and leave.