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  • Kafa is a rope made out of yarn or coconut fibers that is used as a belt to secure a ta'ovala in traditional Tongan dress.
  • Kafa is also a region of south-west Ethiopia also known as Kaffa.
  • KAFA-FM are the call letters of the United States Air Force Academy radio station (97.7 FM).
  • KAFA is the abbreviation for the Korea Air Force Academy.
  • KAFA is the South Korean American football Association.
  • Kafa, historical name of Feodosiya in Ukraine.
  • Kafa (or Kefa, Kafi noono) is an Afroasiatic language spoken in Ethiopia.
  • Spelling of coffee in some languages.

Usage examples of "kafa".

Thorn vanished and a moment later Kafa stepped through the doorway into the room.