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n. 1 The twenty-second letter of the Arabic alphabet. (l ar ك) 2 (alternative spelling of kaph English)


Kaf or KAF may refer to:

  • KAF-10500, a CCD imaging sensor designed
  • KAF Radio, an independently owned radio station, located at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan
  • Kalki Avatar Foundation, a spiritualist organisation based in London, United Kingdom
  • Kaph, the eleventh letter of many Semitic abjads
  • Cafre, a person born in Réunion of Malagasy and/or African origins
  • Communist Workers League (Sweden) (Swedish: ), a Swedish Trotskyist political party now called the Socialist Party
  • Kandahar International Airport, located south-east of Kandahar City in Afghanistan
  • Kenya Air Force, the national Air Force of Kenya
  • Khmer National Air Force, the air force branch of the Khmer National Armed Forces, the official military of the Khmer Republic during the Cambodian Civil War between 1970 and 1975
  • Korean Alpine Federation
  • Kuwait Air Force, the national Air Force of Kuwait
  • Kyrgyz Air, a privately owned airline based in Kyrgyzstan
  • Kaf, a city in Al Jawf Province, Saudi Arabia
  • Korean Anarchist Federation
  • Kosovo Armed Forces

Usage examples of "kaf".

They were blue, the deep blue of the precious wells on her home world of Kaf, and Leila thought she saw kindness hidden in them.

Sex was a natural part of the cycle and rhythm of Kaf, something to be enjoyed and celebrated.

The Tower Lands of Kaf, he decided, ranked among the top ten for unpleasantness.

Lashes and brows as black as the Towers of Kaf framed her eyes, which, despite the pull of fatigue, still met his with the sheen of interest.

Tepe-ma-adaktu, the single large city of Kaf and the home of the King and the Protector.

Djinn must renew their bonds to Kaf every fortnight or wither and die.

It was not an undiscovered quirk of Kaf or an aberration from the sinister forces.

Travelers were common on Kaf, and since most provided for their own comforts, they were a welcome source of entertainment rather than a burden.

The message was for Darius, he knew, but Darius was still asleep this morning, having guarded Kaf throughout the Night of No Moon and having dealt with the aftermath during the following day.

Her hope was that Jack would leave Kaf, get far away from Xerxes, and forget the whole episode.

She felt her bonds to Kaf deepen and widen until she was carried on the wind and shared in the ageless flow of lava.

The glow about the reflected face flared, as bright as the midday sun on Kaf, and the vision of Jack disappeared behind it.

The night was warm, as hot as it was on Kaf, but the moisture gave the night air a strange feel.

Soon, Isis Montgomery would bind him, and then all the powers of Kaf could not save him.

Tower Lands, a wall of mountains separating the hospitable regions of Kaf from the whistling desert, and gazed below.