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Kaede (protein)

Kaede is a photoactivatable fluorescent protein naturally originated from a stony coral, Trachyphyllia geoffroyi. Its name means "maple" in the Japanese. With the irradiation of ultraviolet light (350–400 nm), Kaede undergoes irreversible photoconversion from green fluorescence to red fluorescence.

Kaede is a homotetrameric protein with the size of 116 kDa. The tetrameric structure was deduced as its primary structure is only 28 kDa. This tetramerization possibly makes Kaede have a low tendency to form aggregates when fused to other proteins.


(" maple") is a Japanese given name, and may refer to:

Kaede (ship)

Several ships have been named :

  • , a of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I

  • , a of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II

  • JDS Kaede (PF-13, PF-293), a Kusu-class patrol frigate of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, formerly USS Newport (PF-27)