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n. A man's straw hat


Kady is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Grodzisk Mazowiecki, within Grodzisk Mazowiecki County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland.

The village has a population of 300.

Kady or Cadia, Migmaw, First Nations Canada name for areas now known as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Reference London Quarertly April 1874 and Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens ISBN 0-920852-10-6 page 1.

Kady (given name)

Kady is a given name. Notable people with this name includes:

  • Kady McDermott
  • Kady O'Malley
  • Kady Malloy
  • Kady Brownell
  • Kady MacDonald Denton

Usage examples of "kady".

There was an iron spider, a sort of Dutch oven on legs, rusting at the side of the hearth, and after cleaning it and smearing it with butterfat, Kady set the biscuits to bake in the coals.

Feeling like Cinderella, Kady slipped her feet into ankle-high, cream-colored kidskin shoes that fit exactly, then used the buttonhook to fasten the little pearl buttons up the front.

He stepped inside to meet the inquiring gazes of Calas, Kady and the one Guild member who had stayed with Calas as a messenger.

They were followed almost immediately by the coughing roar of the power pistol, and almost as quickly after that, the figure of Calas slipped out through the flaps and headed off in the direction Kady and Orban had taken.

Meg Kady than all the Evangelicals and the Islamic Reformeds who handed out their little cards on helldeck.

Never in her life had Kady seen anything as enticing as the view 28 L E G E N D of hcr Own apartment.

His hair was dark blond, his skin 34 L E G E N D li,jitly tanned, and for the first time, Kady noticed that he was one got-geous hunk.

L E G E N D As Kady walked up and over this hill, past the hedge, the town seemcd to change.

L E G E N D After the men had fled, Kady sat absolutely still for a long time, staring into the light in front of the ruins, looking at the empty campsite.

L E G E N D The women looked from one to the other, then back at Kady.

L E G E N D friends that when Kady met them were adult yet were still seen through the eyes of a child.

They rode in the carriage past the Hanging Tree, and as the sun 194 L E G E N D came Up, Kady could dimly see the outlines of the deserted town.

It was the first time Kady had said the name aloud in the twentieth century, and hearing it seemed to release something 208 L E G E N D inside her.

Jude Deveraux L E G E N D imitation of the Three Stooges, ran smack into each other, and Kady laughed until she had tears in her eyes.

L E G E N D When Kady turned back, she saw there was a man now sitting in the waiting room, a briefcase open on his lap, and when he looked up and saw Kady, she could tell he was interested in her.