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Kadir is the primary transliteration of two Arabic male given names (, also spelled Ghader, Kader, Qader, or Qadir) and (, also spelled Ghadir, Kadeer, Qadeer, or Qadir). It's also, one of the names of God in Islam, meaning "Almighty".

Usage examples of "kadir".

San Francisco in which Rama Tura had been interested--the plane bearing Kadir Lingh, potentate of Jondore.

His first call was to the police, an inquiry as to whether any trace had been found of Kadir Lingh, ruler of Jondore, who had managed to escape the reception at the airport.

Monk, Ham, Long Tom and the brown man who had said he was Kadir Lingh, Nizam of Jondore, stood and tried to think of something to do.

They had cut Kadir Lingh loose, and he was kneading his legs and arms.

The Kadir Lingh, Nizam of Jondore, had notified the British Foreign Office and his own consular representative that Doc Savage was under no circumstances to be admitted to Jondore.

Doc had heard before, from the lips of Kadir Lingh, while they were both prisoners of the Majii.

The Way-Farer, Father Kadir, motioned them all to sit and form their circle.

Father Kadir got shakily to his feet, looking down at them from what seemed an incredible height.

Father Kadir cocked his head to one side and raised a questioning eyebrow.

After a while, when her sobs diminished, Father Kadir began to speak in a soft voice.

Just before Josh arrived at her side, Father Kadir turned and looked back up at her and the sky.

Mom and Dad and Father Kadir and Mother Ilia and the whole planet of Kensho.

The only thing Kadir can do is offer encouragement and help us when we stumble.

Father Kadir watched silently as the lone, mud-spattered figure slowly climbed through the late afternoon sun to where he sat at the top of the mound.

Father Kadir sensed an aura of intense suffering flowing from the approaching figure.