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Kadin or Kadın may refer to

  • Kadin (name)
  • Kadin Island in southeastern Alaska
  • Kadin Jelovac, a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kadin most, a 15th-century stone arch bridge over the Struma River in Bulgaria
  • Kadınefendi or Kadın efendi, the title given to the imperial consort of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
  • O Kadın, a 1982 Turkish romantic drama film
  • Haremde Dört Kadın, a 1965 Turkish drama film
  • Hükümet Kadın, a 2013 Turkish comedy film
  • Kedenj, a village in Iran
Kadin (name)

Kadin may refer to the following people

Given name
  • Kadin Chung (born 1998), Canadian association football player
  • Heather Kadin (born 1972), American television and film producer
  • Mark Kadin (born 1965), Russian musical director and conductor

Usage examples of "kadin".

Her gaze flicked to Kadin and she glanced away quickly when she saw he was watching her.

They set up a low table in front of Kadin and her, and one of the servants placed a tall candelabra on the table.

She clung to Kadin, knowing he would guide her through this erotic, pleasurable death of innocence.

The man began to move in slow, gliding thrusts, and Kadin continued his stroking on her clit.

The other man lay down where Angelica had lain, then Kadin lifted her onto him.

Naja lay spent on the bed, Kadin flipped Angelica on her back and thrust into her pussy.

She was spooning with Kadin, her back pressed against his long, lean body, his arm draped around her waist.

She was on her back and Kadin, wonderful, glorious Kadin, was above her, slowly thrusting his wickedly erect cock into her.

He stepped toward the bed as Kadin shifted away, then he climbed over Angelica.

On the other side of the burbling water, she saw Kadin talking to a young woman with long, dark hair flowing to her waist.

I also know that Kadin blamed you and probably threatened to punish you.

I would have hated to do that, and Kadin would have been severely displeased.

If Dhiya insisted on a harsh punishment, and if she thought Angelica was a threat she probably would, then Kadin would have no choice but to carry it out.

Once his knife plunged into the putrid heart--and Ali ben Kadin lay dead upon the floor of his tent.

The return to the tent of Ali ben Kadin took much longer than had their swift flight to the palisade.