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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kadi \Ka"di\, Kadiaster \Ka`di*as"ter\, n. A Turkish judge. See Cadi.


n. (alternative spelling of qadi English)


Kadi may refer to:

  • Kadi (name)
  • Kadi, India, a city and municipality in Mehsana district, Gujarat, India
  • Kadi, an aromatic plant (Pandanus odorifer)
  • Kadhi, an Indian dish
  • Kadı, an official in the Ottoman Empire
  • Qadi or kadi, Islamic judge
  • Al-Qadi, an Arabic surname
  • Quadi, an ancient Germanic tribe

In radio:

  • KADI-FM, a radio station (99.5 FM) licensed to serve Republic, Missouri, United States
  • KICK (AM), a radio station (1340 AM) licensed to serve Springfield, Missouri, which held the call sign KADI from 2005 to 2015
  • KNOU, a radio station (96.3 FM) licensed to serve St. Louis, Missouri, which held the call sign KADI from 1983 to 1987
  • KSIV (AM), a radio station (1320 AM) licensed to serve Clayton, Missouri, which held the call sign KADI from 1979 to 1982
  • Raadio Kadi, a radio station in Estonia
Kadi (name)

Kadi is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Abdussalam Al Qadi, Libyan politician
  • Calvin Kadi (born 1982), South African football player
  • Eddie Kadi (born 1983), British comedian, presenter, actor and MC
  • Evdokia Kadi (born 1981), Greek Cypriot singer
  • Nicholas Kadi (born 1952), Turkish-born Iraqi American actor

Given name:

  • Kadi Sesay, Sierra Leonean politician
Kadi (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Kadi assembly constituency is one of the 182 assembly constituency of Gujarat. It is located in Mehsana District. This seat is reserved for members of Scheduled Castes.

Usage examples of "kadi".

I had a visit from the son of the Kadi of Kuka, an intelligent young man, who has promised to come to-morrow to write the routes from Zinder to his native place.

See how the prints overlie the ones made by Aunt Kadi and her companions?

Rimon and Jord were to teach the changeover class in the chapel while Kadi and Willa visited with Abel Veritt and his wife.

Since the chapel was stone, it provided fairly good insulation, so he did not pick up the blazon of anger from outside until the door opened and Abel entered with his wife, Kadi, and Willa.

Now, who has the best of it, you followers of the Kadis, or I, the Christian?

I belong to the holy Kadis, and to avenge the Mokkadem I have waited for you in Maabdah.

I was imprisoned here in punishment for refusing to kill a man whom the Kadis wished put away.

Either the man had sufficient nerve to control his fear or he really did think that the emir would not dare touch one so high in authority, for he acted as though he were perfectly secure, and even ordered the Reis Effendina to unfasten his bonds, threatening him with the power of the Kadis if he refused.

When the Kadi of Qazvin came to pay his respects to the new khan in his capital Karakoram, he was wearing a shirt of mail.